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In my installations, I create unique environments to evoke individual, intimate experiences.  I expose my audience to the series

of circumstances linked to a particular personal psychological and physical reminiscence of a place, event or feeling.  The pieces are minimalistic, elusive and often uneasy to capture. They strongly reflect my interest in and fascination with abstract materials and with natural forces such as air, light/color, temperature, and sound.


When working with video, I use my own body almost exclusively. Its the most private and intimate material available. I use it to tell stories, communicate with or influence my audience. Extensive research is an important component of preparing these projects.

I continuously investigate the mechanics and limits of human perception and interaction. 


My most recent work, Urban Series illustrates and documents city life. Basic everyday situations, city infrastructure, urban planning, public transport systems, air pollution and urban noises are underlying resources of these works.


I work in "open series" to give myself a possibility to explore the area fully with an option of returning in the future from a different perspective.




petra vargová



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